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Niche Marketing in Real Estate Marketing Online

What is a niche?

A niche is a target audience or target market or an area of specialization where you can provide your services in the best manner because you are more knowledgeable in that market.

A niche can be geographical. You may choose to provide your real estate expertise in one city or if you are a real estate agent in a large city, your niche may be a certain geographical boundary in that city. Some agents specialize in farm properties. Some agents specialize in second homes and investment properties. Some agents focus on 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Real estate agents who speak other languages may find themselves providing services to buyers and sellers who speak those languages.

Whatever type of niche you have, it is extremely important to focus your attention on your target audience when in comes to real estate marketing online.

Niche marketing does not mean you have to limit your marketing efforts in just one local area. It is also important to combine national with regional and local exposure. For instance, if you are specializing in the second home market, it is important to combine local and regional marketing with national marketing when it comes to real estate marketing online. If your niche is in the second home market, the buyer or seller for a second home may come from any city in the country.

Many buyers and sellers of second homes consider different cities in different states before they decide where next to purchase a second home or investment property. They like to search online to conduct their research to find out about the different cities they are considering. They also look for real estate agents online who can provide them with additional information on the cities of their interest.

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Network Marketing Online – How to Do it Right

When I first started network marketing online, I was overwhelmed by details and I had absolutely no idea how to be successful at it. The problem that I had is the same problem that I see others having, and that’s that they don’t understand what the principles are that govern online network marketing success, and so instead of sponsoring new distributors, their time is wasted checking emails, refreshing their company back office, and other time consuming non productive activities.

In order to successfully market your online network marketing business, you’ve got to understand the foundational basics of success, and your business will transform if you stay focused on whatever step you’re on. There are four stages of growth in building an MLM business online and you’ve got to focus most of your attention on the activities in a sequential, rational manner. What I’m going to do is cover the four steps of growth and give you an assignment to focus your attention.

1. The first step of building your MLM online is to get your system and sales funnels in place. You can’t build a business and build a website at the same time, you’ve got to have the website and sales funnel in place first. Most people get frustrated when they’re not making any money and they don’t even have their sales system in place! I’ve never seen a franchise owner try to sell hamburgers before they erect their store, and online network marketing is no different.

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Brand Marketing Online, Critical for Both Companies and Individuals

So what exactly, or more importantly WHY exactly is brand marketing online so important. In fact I believe it is one of the key factors in a successful log term marketing plan. To understand why it is so important we first have to understand the implications of branding and why it is so important to our business, as well as ourselves.

Brand marketing online is relevant to companies, products as well as individuals who market online. The internet is an arena for individuals to research companies, products as well as people. It therefore only makes sense that we market our brand in the same arena.

The first thing that branding does is that it creates an identity for whatever brand it is you are marketing. This is very important, as it is the first step in creating brand recognition. By starting to recognize a brand a prospect will feel more comfortable when receiving information about that brand. They will also start to recognize what the company, product or individual stand for and is all about just by associating their brand with them. People are always more willing to buy from people (or brands) that they know rather than brands they don’t recognize.

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