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A Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

Just so you understand how powerful video marketing actually is let’s start this out with some quick facts and stats.

1. YouTube is the fourth most visited website globally.
2. The average time spent on this website by users is 14-16 minutes.
3. 52% of search results on Google are video sharing websites.

This list could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Video makes it so much easier for you to connect with people online. You can’t just hide behind your website. You can be handsomely rewarded if you take advantage of this video marketing strategy.

A Step By Step Video Marketing Strategy

Assuming that you already have a video camera or software to record video, here are some steps to follow before you begin recording.

1. Define Your Target Audience – There is nothing worse than blind marketing. The more focused your target market is, the better results you will produce.

2. Define An Exact Message – What exactly are you trying to convey to your viewers? Figure it out and give them exactly what they want.

3. Follow The Video Basics – Ensure that you look presentable, have an organized background and are using adequate lighting. You don’t have to look like a hollywood actor on the red carpet, just look good.

4. Be Unique And Authentic – You will get noticed more if you are unique. Some of the most viewed videos that have went viral (seen millions of times) have been nearly outrageous and done something very unique. It will be a refreshing experience for your viewers if you can do something that makes you stand out. Incorporate your best traits and characteristics into your videos. (i.e. If you make people laugh, then let it be shown when you are on video. People will take notice.)

After you have produced your video and it has been edited with video-editing software you are now ready to promote your video. The next steps will show you how and where to promote your content.

1. Upload To Video Sharing Sites – Some of the most popular video sharing websites I would recommend to create accounts with are YouTube, Metacafe, Viddler, Yahoo, Vimeo and Veoh. Use the free tool at to make this process much more automated. This tool will allow you to take one video and upload it to multiple sites all at once.

2. Include Your Video On Your Blog Or Website – To increase exposure, make sure your video is on either a blog or website. The more places your video resides the more it will be seen.

3. Optimize The Video – Determine who your target audience is and word your title and tags/keywords accordingly. It would be senseless to make a video about selling vitamins and your video title has nothing to do with your video content.

4. Promote Your Video Through Your Email List – It can be beneficial to you to send your video out to your list if it is over 1,000 subscribers. This will also help to sustain the relationship you have with your subscribers.

Some Additional Considerations To Help With Your Video Marketing Strategy:

1. Always Brand You And Your Business – It is more important than ever to brand you and your business in a world where your competition can be anywhere in the world.

2. Go The Extra Mile – Figure out what will separate you from your competition and take advantage of it. Find new ways for you to accommodate your customers and always fulfill their needs.

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