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How To Do Network Marketing Online The Right Way

So you want to do your network marketing online? I don’t know if you have noticed but it can be rather confusing if you do not have much experience in marketing on the internet. To have network marketing online success you have to have the right plan in order for you to succeed. Most people will spin their wheels when they first get started because they will be checking their emails and continually looking at their back office and many other non-productive activities that consume all their time.

Of course I am talking from experience because when I first got started it seemed like I wasted more time just doing nothing. It wasn’t that I wanted to waste time, I just did not know what I should be doing. So if you are looking to successfully market you online network marketing business here are four steps in building your MLM business online.

4 Steps For Network Marketing Online

The first step you should focus on in building your MLM online is to make sure you get a system in place. If you are going to be online then you need a website with a sales system. Can you imagine talking to someone and telling them about this great business that you are in and that you are going to build it online but you do not have a website or a sales funnel that you can send them to.

The second step is learning how to generate traffic or leads and preferably FREE leads. So we are talking about building an online network marketing business so this involves learning how to get people to take a look at your website. If you don’t know how to do generate FREE leads then you will not be successful in building an online business.

So now you have found a way to get people to your site. That is cool but it doesn’t mean much unless you get their contact information from them. This is the third step. You can do this with what is called an opt in form. Typically these are found on a blog or a sales page or a capture page. Most of these opt in forms are usually tied into an email auto-responder or a greeting card system. I have both and both work but greeting cards will help you build a more personal relationship with your contacts.

The fourth and final step in building a network marketing online business is to learn how to talk to people on the phone. Now that is a scary thought isn’t it. And this is what turns most people away from network marketing. But to be successful you will need to learn how to close people over a phone.

Now the best part of building an online network marketing business is that they people you will be talking to have genuinely expressed an interest in what you are offering. So know instead of a cold call, all you are doing is responding to someone who wants to know more. All you really have to do is share your opportunity with them. You do have to know a few closing techniques but again these prospects are looking for a business.

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