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How to Network Market Online

The crux of network marketing is to find a way to build networks of people who want to buy your products. If there is a better place to build a network of people than the internet then I haven’t seen it. There are billions of people out there just looking for an opportunity. It really is the best place to build a network marketing business opportunity.

There are many benefits to developing your business online.

- You can work whenever you want
- You only talk with highly motivated prospects
- You are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
- Your costs of doing business are low.
- It’s easy to grow your business both domestically and overseas
- Anybody can do this business.

The most important step to take in network marketing online is to become visible, or build a presence. To do this you will need a website and a domain name. This is step number one. The best domain names are those which relate somehow to the product you are offering, or that relate to you as a person. Your personal brand. Another type of domain name might focus on a benefit that you are offering your prospects, like “safeherbalweightloss” or something like that. Registry sites enable you to check if your domain name is available.

Your website then needs to be built. There are free sites out there which make it very easy to build a network marketing online website. In many cases it is as simple as just dragging and clicking components onto your site. Things like;

- Text
- Pictures
- Videos
- Motifs
- Themes / Designs
- HTML code

If you do not want to build a site yourself, you can pay someone to do this for you. This is the path that many people take and there are market place sites out there where you can tender the job out and people bid for the right to build the site for you.

Your site should have some way of either capturing some information from your prospects, like name and email address. Or it should enable them to directly purchase your product. For this you will need to set up some sort of merchant facility. These facilities provide you with the HTML code that you just need to paste onto your site for taking credit card or PayPal orders online.

Network Marketing Online businesses are less face to face than traditional network marketing businesses. In the past people would meet with their sponsors at company meetings, and invite new people along to hear the story. Meetings would often provide free training on the business and the products. In Online Network Marketing, it works a little differently.

Your online network marketing site can provide free training via videos and webinars. You can post in links to training sessions recorded on sites like YouTube which people can access at their leisure. This means that you can train people on autopilot without regard to their physical location. This is a great advantage of Network Marketing online versus the traditional approach.

The other advantage of running your network marketing business online is that you can create virtual communities for your team. All team members get invited into some sort of social media group and experiences can be shared online which enhances training. This creates involvement and increases loyalty to the team and distributor retention rates.

When your site captures the details such as name and email address from a prospect, you will need to set up an autoresponder or at the very least some sort of databse to store your prospect information. This list will become one of the most valuable assets in your online network marketing business. You can set the autoresponder to send out regular pre-programmed messages containing product information, promotions and trainings to your team and customer lists.

There are a number of excellent ways to market to your network marketing lists. These include;

- Pay per click advertising using the big search engines.
- Shooting videos and sending them to your list. This builds a relationship.
- Writing articles about your particular niche.
- Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
- Joining forums and discussion groups and contributing valuable content.
- Writing press releases about your upcoming offers and opportunities.
- Writing an email newsletter to your network marketing prospects.
- Surveys to your list. This is a great way to build involvement.

All of these methods serve to establish you as an expert in your network marketing online business. This will build trust amongst the recipients of your content and they will actually start to look forward to receiving your marketing in the different ways outlined above.

Once this relationship is established, where you consistently send valuable content to your prospects, it will only be a matter of time before you will recruit people into your business, as they will see you as a leader who has the solution to their problems.

Above all, in network marketing online, it is important to cultivate patience and persistence within your mindset, and to be consistently adding value to those who you market to, whether that be in providing information, giving training or providing a valuable product or service which they want to buy.

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